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Popular JavaScript framework

Angular Development

Angular is a structural framework which can be used for building dynamic web applications. It allows you to use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application components clearly. Its one of ythe feature which is data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you currently have to write and it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal technology with any server.

The architecture of an Angular development rely on a few fundamental concepts. The most basic building blocks which are used very commonly are NgModules, which give a compilation context for various components. NgModules helps collect the related code into a set of functional app; an Angular app is defined by a set of NgModules.

As our application gets more complex, JavaScirpt code is getting harder to take care of. we'd like the simplest way to structure our code. Another important part which we cannot forget is tests of our application. As projects get bigger their testing becomes important for stability. That's why in recent years frameworks like Angular are created — to create developers life comfortable.

Technically you'll be able to build almost any application using plain JS or libraries like jQuery, however, if you ever attempted to make a more complex application consisting of multiple modules and thousands line of code you almost certainly already know that maintaining that code may be a nightmare. fairly often our code isn't reusable therefore we've to repeat and paste very similar pieces of code multiple times.

Reasons To Do Angular Development

  • Productivity

    Helps in Quickly creating UI views with simple and most powerful template syntax.

  • Speed and performance

    Angular development turns your templates into code which is highly optimized for today's JavaScript virtual machines.

  • Cross Platform

    Use modern web platform capabilities to deliver app-like experiences. High performance, offline, and zero-step installation.

Our Projects

Explore Our Projects

Email Service

This platform provides an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted mail service to anyone who needs their communications shielded from prying eyes. No one except the sender and the receiver to whom the email may concern can read the contents of the mail, including us. These services are among the foremost secure email services. This platform allows user to send encrypted emails to the non users as well. This platform is built to accept the payments via Stripe or anonymous payments via BTC. This service offers multiple packages for individual user as well as for organizations with very easy configuration setup.

Fund Management

Fund Management is a platform to help investors manage all their fund documents in one place. One-click to import all your docs from Intralinks, Altareturn, Sungarddx, Citco, Sharefile. This platform is used to classify the documents, tag them with type, year, quarter and month and offer you a simple interface to search, filter, preview et download K1, account statements et more. In short it is a web app to explore companies, employees and financial data related to investments in venture capital.

Media Management

Media Management is an open marketing platform for outdoor media buyers and sellers. It provides easy access to outdoor media for small businesses, competitive edge technology for large enterprise and agencies. It empowers small businesses to make outdoor media a powerhouse channel which is complementary to the existing marketing strategies and make competitive edge technology for large enterprise and agencies.

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Benefits you will get by working with us

Cost Technoarch Softwares - Cost Benefit

Our services are cost effective in comparison to having a team on site.

Responsiveness Technoarch Softwares - Responsiveness Benefit

We are responsive and our turn around time is very less and comes around to 5 minutes in overlapping time and 7-8 hours at max when there is time difference in working hours.

Responsibility Technoarch Softwares - Responsibility Benefit

We understand our responsibilities and commitment towards the work. Whatever is committed from our side, that will be delivered for sure, We can give this assurity as we have done in the past.

Development Experience Technoarch Softwares - Development Experience Benefit

We have team of developers working in different technologies in different industries like Cryptocurrencies, Healthcare, Cryptography, Social Networking, Bio-informatics etc. So all of the experience also can be used if needed. So if assigned developers are stuck anywhere they can discuss the problem with anybody in the team, so you are virtually hiring a full team of developers not just the developers who will be working on the project.

Developer Communication Technoarch Softwares - Developer Communication Benefit

Developers can be directly contacted by the client side team as we think if there is middleman then there is miscommunication and delays all the things.

Communication Technoarch Softwares - Communication Benefit

We are always open to communication and adopt very easily to the required communication mode along with preferred timings for communication. But if its not defined then we do prefer a weekly meeting where all stakeholders can discuss about the progress and bottlenecks and set the priorities for the week.

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