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Innovation Portal: Innovate with certainty

There are more than one way to get from idea to execution.Innovation portal is an online platform that makes innovation both efficient and effective. By generating easy to apply innovation roadmaps required to the specific needs of each project, innovation portal equips every team with the right tools to test, refine and execute on innovation ideas effectively. innovation portal will transform your team into lean, human-centric innovators who can operate at speed with minimal waste. We use it ourselves on client accelerator projects and sell it to clients to help them scale this way of work across large organisations. Provide a flexible yet robust way to scale and execute innovation across large organisations and empowers all teams and individuals to generate, test and execute on new solutions from incremental improvements through to disruptive new business models.

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How the Concept was born

Accessing various online tools that are not contextualized or focused to specific project/innovation types or the specific challenges associated with innovating within a corporate environment. Innovation portal was created in response to our client's request for ongoing access to our tools after an accelerator project or training ended. They love what we do and learn a lot from our services but struggle to: adapt the tools they have learnt to new projects with different needs, and align other teams to this new way of work and create a common language for effective coordination and decision making which is so critical to achieve speed to market. Innovation is not a "one size fits all" approach as no two projects are the same. There needs to be a flexible approach to how and when the different tools/frameworks are applied, which is difficult to do when you are first learning to innovate. For teams to continue to develop their innovation capabilities beyond a single accelerator project or training workshop, they need ongoing support to 'learn by doing'.

Why Innovation portal?

Innovation portal reduce the risk of innovation and maximise efficiency - streamlines and de-risks the innovation process so you get better ideas to market faster, using fewer resources. Enable innovation across all parts of your organisation - a scalable, user-friendly approach to test, refine and build meaningful solutions. Adaptable to all types of projects and levels of experience, from incremental improvements through to bold new business ventures. Innovate like the pros - access to world-leading innovation practices used by high performing tech startups which have been adapted to, and battle-tested in large corporate settings. Support continuous learning through practical application - empower your staff to continually improve their innovation proficiency with step-by-step guides and worksheets for each stage of the innovation process.

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Features entailed


Mostly Offering something which others find it difficult to master.

Legal protection of intellectual property

Also Offer something which others cannot do unless they pay you a licence or other fee.


Sometimes being first means you encounter many unexpected teething problems, and it makes better sense to watch someone else make the early istakes and move fast into a follow-up product.

Robust design

Offering something which provides the platform on which other variations and generations can be built.

Rewriting the rules

Offering something which provides the platform on which other variations and generations can be built.

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The Key Challenges

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Lack of collaboration

Collaboration is the key to innovation. while many organizations understand the importance of collaboration internally, collaboration externally are often equally important. Innovation ecosystems compile industry partners, customers, and even competitors to drive innovation within the industry forward.

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Lack of diversity

Hiring for innovation and subsequently building diverse teams can provide the organization’s innovation initiatives with a wealth of ideas generated from different perspectives.

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Missed connections with customers

Deep customer empathy is that the key to understanding changes in demand and staying accurate future trends; it provides the organization with a roadmap for what problems to unravel next. Utilizing customer feedback sessions regularly can help keep your organization tuned in to the requirements of your customers.

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Financial Management

Remember the fact that when income increases, the expenditures also increase. There is no doubt about it that one of the biggest challenges that startups face today relates to financial management.

Our Technology Stack

We work with latest and best, We started with filling the web application base with an updated and latest technology bucket to ensure that the concurrency time was high. A maintain a constant look on how the users are interacting with the product, with maintaining the changes that we are putting in.

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