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This is a website that permits people with similar interests to share information, photos and videos. People engaged in social networking could also be doing so as a private or a business endeavor. Those who engage on social network sites as a private endeavor interact by using various sorts of media to debate their lives and interests. The most popular social networks for this sort of familiar interaction include Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Although these and other social networks could also be used for business purposes - especially marketing. Social networks exist specifically for enterprise social networking. Popular enterprise social network platforms include Socialcast and Yammer. Ideally, employees who are tasked with participating on social networks are given a social media policy so there's no ambiguity about what management considers to be acceptable use.

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Idea behind the concept

Social Network help people keep connected with their friends and family and are a simple thanks to find what most are up to every day in your social circle. Social networks also can be wont to find fun and interesting things on the web since often your friends and family will share many of an equivalent interests as you. With such amazing growth, every business today must leverage proper social media channels within the absolute best way. Not because it’s the “in thing”, and not because it sounds simple, but because their audience is hanging round the popular social networks. And they’re engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels. By giving your business brand the social media touch, you not only generate more business but also connect together with your customers better and serve them on a better level. It actually makes your digital marketing easier.

Why Use Social Network?

If people don’t realize your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a good audience by employing a great deal of your time and energy . And it’s liberal to create a business profile on all the main social networks, so you've got nothing to lose. Define what you would like to urge out of social media to develop a social media strategy. Do you want new customers to get your services? Do you hope to bring more local shoppers into your stores? By keeping your strategy specific, you'll determine which social media channels are the simplest fit your business.

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Benefits of Social Network

Increased Exposure/Brand Awareness

Social media will expand your company or service to new eyes. With one click your message is shown to multitude of people. Social media can assist you find customers already talking about your business- information you'll leverage to succeed in even more people.

Learn About Your Audience/Target Consumer

Social media gives you idea into what your audience is into. Getting to know your audience can assist you discover creative ways to succeed in them via advertising or content. Catering and targeting to the present degree will cause increased conversions.

Customer Service

Sometimes a customer won’t reach bent you if they need a drag , but will plow ahead and post a complaint online. Many consumers now using social media as some extent of contact with a brand, and expect a response The Social Habit reports that 42% customers who reach bent brands online expect a response within the hour.


Social media allows for fast feedback from your consumers good or bad. The time between knowing if a product or a campaign may be a success is shorter. This means you'll respond and resolve mishaps during a faster manner

Fun facts

  • Constant Contact reported that 49% of small businesses have found social media marketing effective for his or her businesses.
  • According to Socialmediatoday, 44% of small business decision makers are using social media websites to extract information of other businesses.
  • 73% of small businesses were using social media in 2012 consistent with mediabistro.
  • eMarketer reported that 24% of small businesses have integrated social media during a structured way into their business.
  • Facebook is leading among all the social websites with 82% of small businesses registered; it's followed by YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn with 73%, 47% and 47% respectively.
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The Key Challenges

Email Service - Challenges -1

Posting of jobs on social network and allowing the user to get itself connected with the linkedin for the jobs posted on this platform.

Email Service - Challenges -2

Security is the main challenge in social networking sites, as most of the information is allowed to be public to the people. So, to keep that we have used encryption of the chat.

Our Technology Stack

We work with latest and best, We started with filling the web application base with an updated and latest technology bucket to ensure that the concurrency time was high. A maintain a constant look on how the users are interacting with the product, with maintaining the changes that we are putting in.

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