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Patient Data Syncing

This platform is used for syncing patient data between local hospital and centralized server. This makes it easy for other hospitals in order to make the data of the patient accessible in emergencies. This is the process to control the consistency and sameness of data instances across all consuming applications. It ensures that in any case of data modifications, all changes are merged with the original data source.It is also used in data mirroring, where each data set is exactly replicated.

Need for Patient Data Syncing

As the health care trade embraces technology to enhance patient care and scale back prices, integration disparate systems is vital for maximizing performance. one thing as easy as a typical basis for time-keeping will build a distinction in records accuracy, device and system ability, security, restrictive compliance, and overall potency of operations. As technology implementations are network centrical, time-keeping in package and hardware will be simply synchronised to the official worldwide time commonplace. Nurses and Doctors deem time to take care of correct schedules and records, like crucial once the last patient check or procedure was performed or drug administered and once future are going to be. Facility and engineering staffs work to create certain the hospital infrastructure is correct, untroubled and properly maintained. correct time should be set and maintained for everything from wall clocks and medical devices to circuit TV monitors and access management systems.

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How the Concept was born

The solutions that already exist are mostly based on systems tailored to specific needs (doctor’s surgery versus hospital, specific pathologies), without standardized data exchange, hindering the accomplishment in the long term of all the patient’s “health project” objectives. Nowadays the tendency is to define strategies of data exchange between the systems in place. In a healthcare environment where patient data are collected in different locations, long-term patient follow-up becomes difficult. Let’s imagine the following situation: a patient has to visit a doctor while away from home. The doctor, seeing him for the first time, would ask for his medical history (allergies, current treatments, family history etc.). The medical visit would be more efficient if the patient’s healthcare record could be instantaneously accessed. For an efficient long-term follow up, the teams involved at every stage of healthcare need to share patient information. It prevents information conflicts, which may end in errors and low-quality, low-trust information. synchronal, trustworthy information is crucial for security, compliance, and a good style of operational functions.

Main Features entailed

  • The implementation of data analytics can help healthcare organisations to avoid inflicting unnecessary harm on patients, by helping them avoid treatment mistakes or post-op infections.

  • This also helps in maintaining the data for long period of time, this also reduce the data theft.

  • As systems became more and more interconnected, synchronous time throughout the health care enterprise becomes crucial for regulative compliance, to cut back legal liability, for max potency, whereas rising care.

The Key Challenges

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Places where network availability is low, and setting up this tool inorder to receive the local hospital data whenever there is a slight availability of the network to the centeralized server.

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Security is also the challenge as we maintain all the data on one centeralized server, we follow guidelines of protection, detection and recovery.

Our Technology Stack

We work with latest and best, We started with filling the web application base with an updated and latest technology bucket to ensure that the concurrency time was high. A maintain a constant look on how the users are interacting with the product, with maintaining the changes that we are putting in.

Patient Data Syncing - Tech Stack

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