An online marketplace, or an e-marketplace, is a website or an application which makes it a middleman between clients and companies or individuals offering products or services in the B2B and B2C sectors. Marketplace owners most of the time do not offer any of the products or services themselves. Their task is to provide a better platform where marketplace candidates can interact with each other.

Marketplace may refer to an open space or square in a town where people buy and sell things, i.e., a street market. It also means ‘the market‘ in the abstract sense. For example, for a product to compete effectively in the marketplace, it needs to sell at the right price.

"Don't push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are."

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Our Solution

As a global leader we're able to offer the cost efficiencies, expertise and profit generating opportunities associated with working with a strong, single-source provider. Our solutions include:

    Multi Vender support:

    Services can make your IT support simple by smooth multiple OEM and vendor contracts to the one vendor with the ease to worry for all of your technology support required. Improve availability, resolve issues with more speed and reduce risk with Technoarch proactive, reactive, onsite and remote support for your multi-vendor data center and across your IT environment.

    Multicloud Services:

    Eighty-five percent of organizations already use multiple clouds but only 40 percent have a holistic multicloud strategy for his or her business. to satisfy clients’ needs, We offers hybrid multicloud services that advise on open and secure multicloud strategies for application development, migration, modernization and management.


As we know marketplace growth and areas which are still ye to be revealed by this technology, business owners can take number of advantages of the marketplace business model and bring out their own unique solutions.

  • The cost of releasing a marketplace application is quiet a bit same as the cost of producing an e-commerce website.

  • A marketplace’s primary source of revenue is usually commission that it gets from sales. This generally requires a high degree of business process automation.

  • A marketplace generally requires a fewer financial risk than an ecommerce store as it doesn’t need to invest in inventory.

  • One of the biggest appeals of an e-marketplace is that it combines both offers from various suppliers or service providers.

Our Projects

Projects related to Marketplaces

Freelancers Platform

Freelancing platform is basically used to connect the companies with the independent professionals by collaborating remotely with them. It provides a platform to work on various kinds of projects like web and mobile app development, social media marketing, content writing, graphic designing and so on. It also helps in managing a team, can also create a team in order to make a team of great expertise. It makes it fast and cost effective in hiring and working on a project and pay the professionals anytime and anywhere.

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