Great projects requires great initiation

Technoarch Softwares - Initiation process

The initiation phase is the initial phase of any project’s life cycle, where it gets kicked off, both with team and with customer and the stakeholders. Any information we have gathered together in order to set and define the project’s scope, timings and cost. This is the base set up for project where we will identify the stakeholders, team, it's goals and set of objectives to be delivered.

Initiation Technoarch Softwares - Project Initiation

Feasibility study :

    Primary problems that your project will solve and If your project will deliver a solution to that problem or not.

Identifying scope :

    Goals of your project, depth and breadth of the project and justification of the project.

Identifying deliverables :

    It defines the product and services in order to provide.

Identifying Project Stakeholders :

    They can deliver valuable insight which can help in keeping your project on track and successful. They may be able to help you securing the people, tools, and the necessary resources which are required to need to make you successful.

Developing a business case :

    Compare the potential costs of the project from the stakeholders and the benefits for the project to determine if it moves forward.

Developing a statement of work :

    Document the project’s main objectives, scope, and deliverables that you have recognized previously as a working agreement between the owner of the project and those who are working on the project.

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