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Project controls are processes for collecting and analyzing project to keep spending and schedules on track. Functions of project controls include initiation, planning, monitoring and controlling, communicating, and closing out project spendings and schedules. Predicting likely outcomes based on those calculations, and then fixating on its performance if the projected outcomes are not acceptable.

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Project Planning :

    Planning is one of the principal steps in which controllers and managers work together. Whether it’s making project plans, schedules, breakdown of work structures, or cost estimation, planning gives everyone a base structure to work with through the whole the project.

Budgeting :

    Integrating the budgeting method into project activities is important to calculate prices accurately and to know once and why variances occur.

Quality Control :

    It is built into the process by requiring compulsory QA at every Stage to meet the quality goal at the best value to the customer.

Risk Management :

    Project controls offer a meticulous approach to managing risk. By preemptively distinguishing risks, watching risk endlessly, and developing contingency plans to deal with and mitigate problems, it becomes potential to scale back impact on budget and schedule. It provides additional help by preventing some risks from happening in the future.

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