The community sector is on an exciting digitalisation journey. As in other areas of society, the main target is on digitalisation and digital transformation. Digitalisation entails converting analogue to digital with the aim of improving and streamlining processes, while digital transformation entails more sweeping changes.

Society is becoming increasingly digitalised. We receive better service via self-service methods and easier access to shared information, while community sector employees receive a more flexible system of administration. daily life is becoming simpler, more efficient and more fun. Costs are often reduced and therefore the savings made are often allocated to prioritised service areas.

We facilitate your work smarter and supply your users with better accessibility and better quality. we wish to be a very important supplier to you, irrespective of whether it is a matter of IT operation or an infrastructure project or of supplying modern and citizen-oriented services.

"Thanks to technology, we now have access to the entirety of human knowledge from a device that fits in our pocket. The internet is humanity's greatest gift"

Nicky Verd, Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted

Our Solution

These will be new ways of interacting with customers and users, changes in product or service portfolios, how employees work or how enterprises use technology to form value. irrespective of the scale of the project and also the level of ambition, digitalisation places high demands on management and on the capacity to restructure and make engagement. It also requires a decent deal of support. Our solutions for Communities include:

    IT and Consulting Services:

    The Community sector is facing increased demands for process optimisation and an expectation of a rapid effect on investments. Frequent market changes and new technological opportunities have led to a new type of unpredictability that needs to be managed. At the same time, national authorities, citizens and their relatives are demanding increased accessibility and continuous focus on quality and better coordination. When combined, these result in major challenges for the sector which has long been struggling with limited resources and expects the pressure to intensify in the coming years.

    We have formed an obsessive team across the Nordics of senior architects, technology project managers, UX designers, structured test managers additionally as back-end and front-end developers. We are an agile and close-knit team, with a structure that ensures sound work processes and clear parameters, allowing scope for improvisation and great ideas.

    Our project and change managers' prime motivation is to leverage the best of technology to provide public sector organisations with the support and scope it needs in order to deliver modern services and solutions for the society.

    Administrative Solutions:

    Citizens and also the private sector expect an open, dialogue-based and digital interaction with the general public sector. To succeed, the general public and personal sector must work together to search out the simplest solutions. we've collaborated with public sector organisations for variety of years and deliver a large range of solutions, services and ideas, adapted to the arena - not a t least within the administrative area.

    ERP supports business processes for finance, HR, payroll, logistics, distribution, production, purchasing and sales. we've extensive experience with ERP implementation within the public sector. We deliver comprehensive standard solutions or solutions tailored to the individual business. Our solutions are tailored to both small and huge businesses, and assists with everything from customisation, implementation and support to operations and management.


Through our understanding of people's needs and our knowledge of latest technology, we are going to be a part of the general public sector's digitalisation journey. Our philosophy is to make value for people and society by offering effective IT support and modern services in order that together we are able to create a stronger future:

  • Reduce regulatory compliance and security risk with solutions from a trusted industry provider

  • Enhance member communications by combining transactional data with targeted, relevant messaging at the member level, to change behaviors and reduce claims

  • Accelerated customer access to their funds

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Reduced administrative costs

Our Projects

Projects related to Communities

Language Community

This platform is used for those who are interested in learning to write fluently in other languages by writing journals in the language which a user wants to learn and connecting with the other users in the community. If found any error in the journal other users with the fluency in that language can help correcting the errors. It also keeps the streak counts if the user is posting the journals on a regular basis or not. Premium features are available as well to order to grab the best learning experience.

College Community

This project is for college community for conducting and managing their internal events and for student interaction. This also provides options for the students to choose the college which best fits their needs. College events and student interaction is something which attracts the new admission of the students for colleges, if a college is able to interact with their students then this can improve their work flow and brings more students to get comfortable with the environment of the colleges.

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