Health sector must consider customer acquisition and retention strategies as consumers have a choice in the marketplace. Technoarch offers healthcare solutions to meet marketplace changes while strengthening member relationships.

Customers want more options, more comfort and more security. And Health sector want to create enjoyable customer experiences that attract new customers and keeps existing ones happy and connected. Technoarch offers healthcare solutions to meet marketplace changes while strengthening member relationships.

Technoarch recognizes the strategic importance of every point of contact with your members, including enrollment materials, explanation of benefits (EOB), and statements and the payment and reconciliation process. We can help you turn every interactivity into an opportunity to improve member engagement, maximize faith and positively impact profitability.

"If our society can seize this moment to unleash the power of innovators to create better models, which allow them to profit from removing waste and finding new efficiencies, we can put ourselves on the path to a satisfying and sustainable health care system"

Jonathan Bush & Michael Chernew, PhD

Our Solution

As a global leader who is serving more than 40 healthcare companies (9 of the 10 largest), we're able to offer the cost efficiencies, expertise and profit generating opportunities associated with working with a strong, single-source provider. Our solutions for healthcare insurance companies include:

    Healthcare Member Communications:

    Transform kits, employees ID cards, all statements, bills and letters into health management tools, customized for each member. By integrating multiple data streams, we combine information such as age, gender and risk-assessment factors with easily movable data and then deliver the communications according to your member's preference – paper, email, Web, mobile or tablet

    RemitStream® Healthcare Lockbox:

    Manage both patient payments and complex bill payments and documents with efficiency to get paid more efficiently, reduce errors and write-offs, and reduce administrative costs

    Billing and payment services:

    Easily implement a consumer-based solution that will help you work faster, more efficient payments from your members with a multi-way approach. Consumers can pay others with payments made through various channels, or they can pay digitally using transfer or card payment methods, including Digital Payments SDK API-based processing

    Disbursement Services:

    When consumers look into healthcare costs following medical treatment, they want payouts, reimbursements or refunds to come quickly, to improve cash flow to help with the care they need to get back in top condition. Technoarch helps companies to move their funds in minutes, not in days – all that needed is the recipient's bank account, debit card, email address or phone number.


Healthcare can be made more reachable for individuals by investing in digital services and tools for dialogue. Smart technology makes it easier for patients to be involved in their own healthcare. And this is good news in the healthcare sector. You can expect many positive effects when the patients becomes a resource in the processes surrounding his or her own treatment, such as improved patient safety and less administration. In other words, you have a lot to gain from making your patients more active and involved. And the same applies to the patients, who can participate in their treatment without leaving their home.

  • Increase cost efficiencies by working with a single-source provider

  • Enhance member communications by combining movable data with targeted, relevant messaging at the member level, to change behaviors and reduce claims

  • Deliver a multi-way billing and payment solution with the ability to reach all audience types, collect payments faster and reduce expenses

  • Committed to protecting customer confidentiality and privacy by complying with stringent industry regulations and adhering to our security standards for data and facilities.

  • Experienced provider for Medicare and Medicaid services

Our Projects

Projects related to Healthcare

Pharmacy Marketing

This platform is used to deliver unpredictable work with pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies, medical clinics, consultants and other companies in the health field to make a marketing plan in order to provide best marketing plan for the particular products on the basis of the purchases and usage by the customers. It works on the basis of the pharmacies and task given to such pharmacies to check for the sales of the lap products in the market which helps building the entire mechanism to resolve the marketing plan for the pharmacies.

Doctor Directory

This platform is a smart online platform for booking an appointment with a doctor or with a clinic which saves the time and efforts by providing the user an easy way to book a doctor. It makes it easy for the users to precisely determine the right specialist to consult in order to get the right treatment and allow users to not to stand in the queues to get their number to see the doctors. It stores the health records of the user as well and make the life of the user more healthier. One can use this platform to make their life easier in appointing a right doctor.

Patient Data Syncing

This platform is used for syncing patient data between local hospital and centralized server. This makes it easy for other hospitals in order to make the data of the patient accessible in emergencies. This is the process to control the consistency and sameness of data instances across all consuming applications. It ensures that in any case of data modifications, all changes are merged with the original data source.It is also used in data mirroring, where each data set is exactly replicated.

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Cost Technoarch Softwares - Cost Benefit

Our services are cost effective in comparison to having a team on site.

Responsiveness Technoarch Softwares - Responsiveness Benefit

We are responsive and our turn around time is very less and comes around to 5 minutes in overlapping time and 7-8 hours at max when there is time difference in working hours.

Responsibility Technoarch Softwares - Responsibility Benefit

We understand our responsibilities and commitment towards the work. Whatever is committed from our side, that will be delivered for sure, We can give this assurity as we have done in the past.

Development Experience Technoarch Softwares - Development Experience Benefit

We have team of developers working in different technologies in different industries like Cryptocurrencies, Healthcare, Cryptography, Social Networking, Bio-informatics etc. So all of the experience also can be used if needed. So if assigned developers are stuck anywhere they can discuss the problem with anybody in the team, so you are virtually hiring a full team of developers not just the developers who will be working on the project.

Developer Communication Technoarch Softwares - Developer Communication Benefit

Developers can be directly contacted by the client side team as we think if there is middleman then there is miscommunication and delays all the things.

Communication Technoarch Softwares - Communication Benefit

We are always open to communication and adopt very easily to the required communication mode along with preferred timings for communication. But if its not defined then we do prefer a weekly meeting where all stakeholders can discuss about the progress and bottlenecks and set the priorities for the week.

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