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Django is a high-level Python Web framework encouraging rapid development and pragmatic, clean design. A web application framework is a toolkit of components all web applications need. The goal here is to allow developers to instead of implementing the same solutions over and over again, focus on the parts of their application that are new and unique to their project. In fact, Django is much more fully featured than many other frameworks out there. It takes care of a lot of the hassle of Web development, letting you focus on writing your application without any need to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source. Additionally, the Django framework enables you to model your domain and code classes, and before you know it, you already have an ORM.

Django follows an MVT architecture which stands for Model-View-Template. MVT may be a Django variation of the famous MVC structure, that’s why you’ll feel it’s quite analogous to how other frameworks work. When the Django server receives letter of invitation, the URL router maps the request to the acceptable view. The view then fetches the info through the models, fill the template and send it back to the user.

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1. Thoroughly Tested

Whenever we are learning a new technology, we want it to be durable and powerful enough to withstand the dynamic changes happening in the industry. Well, Django achieves that task with flying colors. We are trying to state that “Django has been in the industry for more than a decade and is still a popular technology which is beating frameworks like Laravel(PHP) in their own game.”

2. Offers High Security

Django is super secure. To prove the feature, you can always take examples of lots of websites which are worldwide and posses huge traffic. Django is secure because it covers the loopholes by default which were once left open for the backend developer to complete. Although while using Django you may not feel it but those expert backend developers can tell the quality and security of the work done by Django.

3. Versatile in Nature

Django is very versatile in its own Django way. The logical project structure and MVT architecture of Django sometimes seem very limiting. But, that’s just opposite because by giving us the files it is providing us with a solid foundation which can then be used to make whichever application we want to create.

4. High Scalability

Scalability means that at what scope or level, our technology gets to implement. For bigger websites like Instagram, there are lots of active users (millions of them) which generate data in huge amounts (terabytes of data/day). This kind of level requires our system or application to be very precise and error-free. It is, of course, difficult even for programmers and web developers that have years of experience.

5. SEO Optimised

This is a special feature of Django due to which it has edge over others. SEO is Search Engine Optimization as from the name it means that adding your website to the search engine such that it appears in the top results. As we know that the search engines do use some algorithms which sometimes doesn’t cooperate much with the web-developer. Since we are creating our website in the human understandable form and they have to add it in the URL form on the server so that its best recognized by the search engine.

6. Python Web-framework

Python is also one of the main reasons people started learning Django. It is that one tool which can solve all your problems and in any kind of operation out there, we can use it. It’s very simple and easy to use. All these features are inside Python. In fact, Python is currently the most popular language in the market.

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