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Fund Management: Building the information gap for investors

Fund Management is a platform to help investors manage all their fund documents in one place. One-click to import all your docs from Intralinks, Altareturn, Sungarddx, Citco, Sharefile. This platform is used to classify the documents, tag them with type, year, quarter and month and offer you a simple interface to search, filter, preview et download K1, account statements et more. In short it is a web app to explore companies, employees and financial data related to investments in venture capital.

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Industry Challenges

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This allows the investors to manage all of their fund documents from one place, which makes it really easy in keeping the check on each investments fund.

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This help the investors in finding the specific content from documents so that investors can evaluate the flow of investments.

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It allows to manage all the fund data provider information by adding investor portal account.

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How the idea originated

As we make investments in many portals in order to keep the cashflow come-in but what we were not able to do is to keep all of them documented at one place, it makes it really hard to go to each one the portals to keep an eye on the investments. That's how Fund Management come into the picture.
Fund Management keeps a track of all the funds from different portals in one place. For General Partners it helps bridging the informational gap for the investors. It is a best-in-class Limited Partner portal with data rooms and co-investment tools.

Important Features which the application entailed

Email Routing

It provide the fund information to each of the available accounts by email hash, which has a unique data to communicate with the clients all over the world.

Cashflow Data

Cashflow here refers to the inflow and outflow of cash or cash equivalents. Fund Management helps in recording the equivalents through a cashflow statement, which is one of the most important financial statements in accounting.

Reporting Calendar

It shows investments of the investors quaterly based on asset class such as Hedge fund, equity, venture capital etc. and doc type such as capital account statement, financial statement or K1.

Internal Rate of Returns

IRR is a feature used in capital budgeting to estimate the profitability of potential investments. It works only for investments that have an initial cash outflow followed by one or more cash inflows.

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Our Technology Stack

We work with latest and best, We started with filling the web application base with an updated and latest technology bucket to ensure that the concurrency time was high. A maintain a constant look on how the users are interacting with the product, with maintaining the changes that we are putting in.

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