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Freelancers Platform

Freelancers Platform is a "talent marketplace" for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the global community as a whole.
Freelancing platform is basically used to connect the companies with the independent professionals by collaborating remotely with them. It provides a platform to work on various kinds of projects like web and mobile app development, social media marketing, content writing, graphic designing and so on. It also helps in managing a team, can also create a team in order to make a team of great expertise. It makes it fast and cost effective in hiring and working on a project and pay the professionals anytime and anywhere.
Do include team members and your role on the project. Do share how you approached a project from concept to solution. Freelancers Platform will initially aim to capture a single market: digital creators. Our entire design and brand will be highly optimized for digital creators. No contests. No membership fees. No other fees of any kind.

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User stories:


As a busy employer, I want to post a new project as quickly and easy as possible. For this purpose I need a straightforward registration process that does not waste time on unnecessary information.
I want to see a structured and user-friendly interface when starting a new project. This interface should allow me to specify the project category, search for skills that an ideal freelancer should possess and filter candidates by a wide array of other relevant criteria. I also wish to write the project description, and this project description should help my project to appear in the search results of freelancers looking for similar projects.
To help freelancers find my project in their searches, I can add an optional list of keywords to my project description.
An employer can choose to pause an active project, or resume a paused project, at any time. On an active project, a freelancer might be the only person performing work on an active project, or they might be part of a team of freelancers all participating in the same project in parallel. Each team member can bill time for the work they perform, and the employer can pay the freelancers on a fixed-bid or time & materials basis at recurring intervals (such as weekly or monthly) or upon completion of predefined project milestones. The employer will also have the opportunity to open a dispute on a freelancer's request for payment if the freelancer did not meet the agreed-upon terms for that payment (not completing a milestone, etc). While TalentX will receive a small percentage of the transaction, the lack of subscriptions and other fees will allow TalentX to be cost-effective to both freelancers and employers compared to alternative marketplace networking sites.


As a freelancer, my main goal for accessing this site is to market my services and to find projects that match my skills. When I create a new profile on this platform, I want the system to help me in this process. I expect the process of building my profile to be easy and straightforward.
Once I found an interesting project, I’ll apply to it and will send my application to the employer.
If I am invited to an interview, I want to receive a notification about it in my Dashboard. In either the Inbox, or the “My Offers” page I should be able to communicate with the employer and to accept the offer. I would like to see notifications about proposed somewhere in my Dashboard.

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Why Freelancers Platform ?

We have built a talent marketplace which is fast, efficient, and low-cost for both talent and employers. It provides powerful and easy-to-use search functionality and contract management tools. It has intelligently well written content and a clean, minimalist user interface. Build a simple, high quality online marketplace that provides a frictionless way for global professional talent to easily search and apply to projects that align with their experience, skills, interests. Our initial niche area will be "Digital Creators", content creators and design professionals involved in creating the user experience for apps & websites.

Idea behind the concept

To help talented freelance professionals connect with employers at a global scale while charging significantly lower fees than comparative marketplaces.To provide long-term funding to an international non-profit focused on projects to improve global education and the environment.
Using a proprietary algorithm, the site will calculate each user's reputation score based on the user's interactions on the site (successfully completed projects, payment disputes, etc). This reputation score will be used to sort and rank users in searches, provide users context when evaluating potential employer/freelancer partnerships, and incentivize users to use the TalentX platform to successfully complete projects frequently in order to increase their reputation.

Market Challenges

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Employment opportunities are scarce throughout many regions of the world, that's where Freelancer Platform come into the picture to provide opportunities.

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The current online talent marketplaces are not optimized to help Digital Creators to find quality projects or to help employers find quality talent. Search functionality is often weak. Business process flows are often rigid. Designs are often uninspiring.

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Payouts to freelancers are too slow. Money transfer fees and commissions are too high.

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Marketplace commissions/fees are unreasonably high for freelancers. In combination with other related fees (payment processing, taxes, etc), the total costs for freelancers are too high.

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Professional reputations are not being accurately measured or built. For example, freelancers engaging in a high volume of smaller projects are often being automatically ranked higher than freelancers engaging in a lower volume of larger scale projects. Better algorithms are needed.

Our Technology Stack

We work with latest and best, We started with filling the web application base with an updated and latest technology bucket to ensure that the concurrency time was high. A maintain a constant look on how the users are interacting with the product, with maintaining the changes that we are putting in.

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