An open source toolkit to use with HTML, CSS, and JS.


Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites. It's open-source and free to use, yet features numerous HTML and CSS templates for UI interface elements such as buttons and forms.

Generally, every web project you're employed on will got to be responsive and work properly on all the main browsers, and certain have some fallbacks for older browsers. Bootstrap features a huge open source community that works on covering this so you do not need to . Additionally, when multiple developers all know an equivalent system, they will add better harmony - and it also makes it easier for newcomers on a project to urge up to speed.

The grid is perhaps one among the foremost essential aspects of the framework. It's the basis on which the whole layout is made . Beyond that, Bootstrap's core CSS also will add helpful styling to forms, tables, buttons, lists, and pictures , also as fully functioning navigation bars, while the core JavaScript will add helpful code for creating modals, carousels, alerts, popups, dropdowns, and accordions.

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1. Mobile First Approach

Bootstrap, framework consists of Mobile first styles throughout the entire library instead them of in separate files.

2. Easy To Get Started

With just the knowledge of HTML and CSS anyone can get started with Bootstrap. Also the Bootstrap official site has a good documentation.

3. Responsive design

Bootstrap's responsive CSS adjusts to Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles. More about the responsive design is in the chapter Bootstrap Responsive Design.

4. Speed of Development

The speed of development is one among its major advantages. If you would like to develop an application or an internet site promptly, it's imperative to think about using Bootstrap. It helps to save lots of your coding effort by offering less CSS functionality and pre-built blocks of code instead of structuring code from the scratch. Ready-made themes of Bootstrap will help achieve your needs through a faster route.

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