Technoarch offers an versatile Enterprise Mobile App Development support designed to grow with your team size. Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions and services are designed to smoothen the enterprise processes, making them the industry’s leaders.

We offer custom Enterprise Application Development Solutions to Businesses, not caring about their team size whether they are 10 people team or that of 10,000. Our experience of being the fastest growing Enterprise Application Development Company increase Our Understanding of what a Business Need in its Work Process to Become a Brand.

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions that we Develop and Deploy are Planned and Designed during a Way that the feasibilityCurve is to a Minimum - the rationale why Entrepreneurs and Businesses Trust us for his or her Work Streamlining Processes.

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."

Edward Teller

Our Solution

Our Enterprise app developers offer a group of Business Automation Services that help businesses move forward at a far faster speed and with plenty less mistakes. We facilitate your stay top of competition by developing automation solutions for your business:

    Modernization of legacy application:

    We provide elastic endowment application modernization service which optimizes your business’s operations, lowers havoc, and betters your employees’ productivity.

    Mobile application security:

    We understand how important it's to possess a hack-proof ecosystem for a mobile app that revolves around million of user data.

    In-app analytics:

    Apart from the plethora of app features, we embed the facility of analytics within the app for our partnered enterprises. The in-app analytics give them insights into how the app is performing and also the amount of impact that it's able to create.

    Mobility business integration services:

    We prepare your application to be integrated with your current services and software. The feasibility curve that our application comes with is the lowest in the industry, making it extremely easy for your team to get acquainted with the app and avail huge benefit in least possible time.


Benefits that Technoarch Software provides:

  • Increase cost efficiencies by working with a single-source provider

  • Enterprise Mobile Applications we Develop offer Services that can help automate 90% of operations and help establish effective workflows.

  • Cut down total maintenance cost of your business IT ecosystem by 40%.

  • Software system extensible is defined in an exceedingly way that your future are accommodated at no extra cost.

  • We stay around till much after the application is launched within the market. We are here to form sure your app rules the mobile domain whilst your business rules your industry.

Our Projects

Projects related to Enterprise

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is a tool for analysis of real estate property where certain assets can be seperated from the real property assets for tax-reporting purposes. This is a first-of-its kind, cloud-based software platform built specifically for professionals. Cost Segregation engineers to make the process of producing cost segregation more efficient and more profitable. This platform makes the complex and tedious job of Engineering Approach of Cost Segregation Analysis into a more precise, consistent, and enjoyable process that produces superior, audit-proof reports in a fraction of the time.

Paperless Form Filling

We have gone through the days of email attachments which are un-secure, un-trackable. This platform is used to provide a service by which we can fill the forms online and provide a convenient way to securely share, sign and send documents with real time tracking and analytics for laser accurate sales tracking, giving confidence to not to worry about the security of any documents. Every office can convert their paper forms to digital forms and can allow their visitors to fill the forms quickly and track their inputs with quick analysis of users inputs. User does not need to have an account but they can just get a form via link and they can directly submit their answers.

Innovation Portal

Innovation Portal is based on world-leading innovation practices. It provides road maps to develop innovative skill sets by innovations to be scaled across various teams, creating shared languages and approach for more efficient execution, driving innovation beyond idea repositories to fast, repetitive, human-centric execution. It empowers the teams by-doing and building both proficiency and delivering best outcomes and enabling innovation across all parts of the organisation.

Assessment Platform

Assessment Platform combines the ability of neurobiology, psychology, gamification and machine learning to revolutionise the hiring method of the candidate. For many years, scientists are trying to understand the importance of intelligence and personality in determining success at work. This platform is built to find such traits in a candidate and make the hiring process more efficient and fast. To summarise it, it's a way forward for talent assessment providing higher quality hiring, reducing the prices, reducing efforts and time and creating it a stronger candidate expertise and exaggerated diversity.

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