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Once team has completed the work on a project, We step into the closure phase. Within the closure phase, we provide final deliverables, release project resources, and determine the success of the project. Simply because the key project work is over, that doesn’t mean the project manager’s job is done—there are still important things to try to to, including evaluating what did and didn't work with the project.

Closure Technoarch Softwares - Project Closure

Analyzing project performance :

    Determine whether the project's goals were met (tasks completed, on time and on budget) and also the initial problem solved employing a prepared checklist.

Analyzing team performance :

    Evaluate how team members performed, including whether or not they met their goals together with timeliness and quality of labor.

Documenting project closure :

    Make sure that each aspects of the project are completed with no loose ends remaining and providing reports to key stakeholders.

Conducting post-implementation reviews :

    Conduct a end discussion of the project, taking into consideration lessons learned for similar projects within the future.

Accounting for used and unused budget :

    Allocate remaining resources for future projects by remaining on task while the project’s work is completed and be prepared to require everything we’ve learned and implement it for next project.

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