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This tool allows to extract and present data in charts, tables, and other visualizations so users can find useful information. It also can allow you to create paginated operational reports ideal for printing. A BI reporting tool is usually an application within a business intelligence software suite. Reports can vary in their interactivity. Static reports cannot be changed by the end users while interactive reports allow you to navigate the report through various hierarchies and visualization elements. Interactive reports allow you to drill down through various levels of the data at the click of a button. They also allow you to navigate, sort, filter and consider the info for your specific needs.

Need for Estimation Tool

The purpose of reporting tools and more such tools are to translate data into actionable information. Reporting should fit within the strategic business goals so as to be useful. There are also many use cases for reporting tools from managing performance data to allowing your customers to leverage reporting of their own data.

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How the Concept was born

It is a pioneer in advanced visualizations and reporting for embedded use cases. With this you can embed advanced reporting technologies such as drill down/drill through, interactivity, self-service report editing and creation, and pixel-perfect reporting. Your development team can integrate deeply into your application with an outsized set of APIs, and versatile integration architecture. Backend administrative capabilities,bursting and scheduling features, and multi-tenancy allow you to scale with ease. And white-label customization allows you to match your branding so integration is fully seamless.

Benefits of Embedded Reporting with JReport

Add Value to Your Application or Web Portal

It is much fast to mark online and candidates to recieve results quickly. With auto-scorable questions, results can be available immediately.

Save capital, time, and effort

Developing your own BI capabilities are often difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. in comparison to developing reporting yourself, embedding a reporting solution takes less time and energy to embed, and fewer time and energy to update over time meaning a far better ROI.

Integrate and Deploy Rapidly

Since it is designed to embed, you can integrate and deploy reporting rapidly either on cloud or on-premises and scale with ease.

White Label for Seamless Integration

Creating and maintaining a consistent user experience is an essential part of your brand. It can be white-labeled to match the look and feel of your software.

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The Key Challenges

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The integration of schedule and price is additionally another cause for concern among project controllers. Schedulers tend to figure in terms of labor breakdown structures(WBS) and activities, whereas cost analyst and finance report and manage by cost codes, transactions, and monetary periods. Each side typically has different managers who are reviewing their data and schedules. Scheduling and price also are often using different tools to report their data.

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Once the data has been collected and the format has been established for a report, then there comes the need to ensure that the report is accurate and understandable. For example, a summary report should be ready to provide accurate details in WBS or costs and supply A level of clarity on the project.

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There seeks to be a greater demand for the cost reporting, better planning, and scenario analysis. In a more complex environment, where there could also be mergers and acquisitions, there are massive collaborations between different organizations on a project. At the same time, there is great pressure on the limited resources of the organization. The challenge becomes having the resources to supply detailed, accurate reporting during a timely fashion.

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In many cases, approaches to budgeting and forecasting can vary based upon the background and approach of the person doing the work. Therefore, consistency across these elements of a project can be lost. Organizations face the necessity to standardize their budgets and forecasts in order that there must be a level of reliability in how budgets and forecasts are created in one project versus another part of the project.

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We work with latest and best, We started with filling the web application base with an updated and latest technology bucket to ensure that the concurrency time was high. A maintain a constant look on how the users are interacting with the product, with maintaining the changes that we are putting in.

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