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Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is a tool for analysis of real estate property where certain assets can be seperated from the real property assets for tax-reporting purposes. This is a first-of-its kind, cloud-based software platform built specifically for professionals. Cost Segregation engineers to make the process of producing cost segregation more efficient and more profitable. This platform makes the complex and tedious job of Engineering Approach of Cost Segregation Analysis into a more precise, consistent, and enjoyable process that produces superior, audit-proof reports in a fraction of the time.

Paperless Form Filling

We have gone through the days of email attachments which are un-secure, un-trackable. This platform is used to provide a service by which we can fill the forms online and provide a convenient way to securely share, sign and send documents with real time tracking and analytics for laser accurate sales tracking, giving confidence to not to worry about the security of any documents. Every office can convert their paper forms to digital forms and can allow their visitors to fill the forms quickly and track their inputs with quick analysis of users inputs. User does not need to have an account but they can just get a form via link and they can directly submit their answers.

Email Service

This platform provides an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted mail service to anyone who needs their communications shielded from prying eyes. No one except the sender and the receiver to whom the email may concern can read the contents of the mail, including us. These services are among the foremost secure email services. This platform allows user to send encrypted emails to the non users as well. This platform is built to accept the payments via Stripe or anonymous payments via BTC. This service offers multiple packages for individual user as well as for organizations with very easy configuration setup.

Fund Management

Fund Management is a platform to help investors manage all their fund documents in one place. One-click to import all your docs from Intralinks, Altareturn, Sungarddx, Citco, Sharefile. This platform is used to classify the documents, tag them with type, year, quarter and month and offer you a simple interface to search, filter, preview et download K1, account statements et more. In short it is a web app to explore companies, employees and financial data related to investments in venture capital.

Freelancers Platform

Freelancing platform is basically used to connect the companies with the independent professionals by collaborating remotely with them. It provides a platform to work on various kinds of projects like web and mobile app development, social media marketing, content writing, graphic designing and so on. It also helps in managing a team, can also create a team in order to make a team of great expertise. It makes it fast and cost effective in hiring and working on a project and pay the professionals anytime and anywhere.

Assessment Platform

Assessment Platform combines the ability of neurobiology, psychology, gamification and machine learning to revolutionise the hiring method of the candidate. For many years, scientists are trying to understand the importance of intelligence and personality in determining success at work. This platform is built to find such traits in a candidate and make the hiring process more efficient and fast. To summarise it, it's a way forward for talent assessment providing higher quality hiring, reducing the prices, reducing efforts and time and creating it a stronger candidate expertise and exaggerated diversity.

Event Management

Its a platform, built specifically for those who would like to spend their night or transform their night into a great and fun experience, as in the nightlife sector which includes bars, clubs, nightclubs, pubs. This platform basically helps to find the nearest pub or bar near you, allowing not to waste time in finding a perfect place to enjoy the nightlife, also provides the navigation to reach the place without straying here and there in search of address which makes the time easily managable for the person.

Innovation Portal

Innovation Portal is based on world-leading innovation practices. It provides road maps to develop innovative skill sets by innovations to be scaled across various teams, creating shared languages and approach for more efficient execution, driving innovation beyond idea repositories to fast, repetitive, human-centric execution. It empowers the teams by-doing and building both proficiency and delivering best outcomes and enabling innovation across all parts of the organisation.

Genome Analysis

Genome Analysis is a software tools designed to optimize health by providing health recommendations based on genes of a person. At fist it provides a DNA kit as in to provide the sample and after that it processes the data and provides the DNA wellness reports, which compile the genes and provides the variants which are relevant for science-based natural recommendations about how a person can overcome the genetic weaknesses.This platform has been helping people to utilize their genetic data to meet their health goals.

Social Network

This platform is used to provide institutional investors with a mere access to a global professional network, alternative investments opportunities and an informational advantage in private markets by aggregating thousands of public sources to build the most relevant news, events, jobs, industry rankings and syndication opportunities. It is the world's biggest network of institutional investors by that it connects investment decision-makers at endowments, foundations, pensions, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, firms and health care systems.

Event Booking

This platform is for music lovers, workers and computer scientists who want to give a change and improve the way they work in music by giving them a better facts to make better decisions about partying and book the events more quickly. Also provide you to book a DJ for a specific date of a certain genre,within a given budget. It helps in getting the list of all the events at one place rather than looking for pages after pages of data from ticketing portal, Facebook etc.

Trading Platform

This platform provides a trading platform which enables the investors and traders to place trades in the exchange and monitor the accounts of the trades through financial intermediaries. It also comes bundled with other features, such as real-time quotes, charting tools, news feeds, and even premium research. Basically this tool is used to manage and execute market positions and range from basic order entry screens for beginner investors to complex and sophisticated toolkits.

Estimation Tool

This platform is used for estimate management, inventory management and labor management which can be done by managing the hourly rates and cost price of things which are needed to be worked on. Inventories are maintained on the basis of sell price and cost price or any similar manufacturer who provides the same item in lower price, which makes it a easy to go tool for getting the price compared and being able to get the items in the lowest prices. It also provides report management and quotation templates to ease the management.

Pharmacy Marketing

This platform is used to deliver unpredictable work with pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies, medical clinics, consultants and other companies in the health field to make a marketing plan in order to provide best marketing plan for the particular products on the basis of the purchases and usage by the customers. It works on the basis of the pharmacies and task given to such pharmacies to check for the sales of the lap products in the market which helps building the entire mechanism to resolve the marketing plan for the pharmacies.

Applied learning

Applied learning is a platform built for children who are inerested in making their learning experience better. It provides study material for children from primary to junior high school. This is used for building a curriculum of lessons and programs on the basis of child progress by keeping a check on the learnings of the child in order to get the better results. It can also be used to manage the child's progress in the way it learns. It enhances the way of learning and provides the child to grasp the learnings in a fast and good approach.

Language Community

This platform is used for those who are interested in learning to write fluently in other languages by writing journals in the language which a user wants to learn and connecting with the other users in the community. If found any error in the journal other users with the fluency in that language can help correcting the errors. It also keeps the streak counts if the user is posting the journals on a regular basis or not. Premium features are available as well to order to grab the best learning experience.

Book a Doctor

This platform is trusted and familiar home to make an appointment for the doctor by reviewing the verified reviews provided by the patients. It understands everything what people needs to take good care of themselves and their family - assessing health issues, finding the right doctor for treatment, booking diagnostic tests, availability of the medicines becomes easy. That is why bringing the easy method to get the right doctor to consult for the treatment.

Media Management

Media Management is an open marketing platform for outdoor media buyers and sellers. It provides easy access to outdoor media for small businesses, competitive edge technology for large enterprise and agencies. It empowers small businesses to make outdoor media a powerhouse channel which is complementary to the existing marketing strategies and make competitive edge technology for large enterprise and agencies.

Keyword Analysis

Amazon is the largest online selling product company, but before buying anything everyone wants to know about that product which they are going to buy, so this platform makes you able to analyse the products of amazon by doing keyword analysis for Amazon products. It is used to autocomplete the names mostly used by the users and in order to generate a large number of relevant keywords that can be used for Amazon listing keyword optimization or any other purpose.

Doctor Directory

This platform is a smart online platform for booking an appointment with a doctor or with a clinic which saves the time and efforts by providing the user an easy way to book a doctor. It makes it easy for the users to precisely determine the right specialist to consult in order to get the right treatment and allow users to not to stand in the queues to get their number to see the doctors. It stores the health records of the user as well and make the life of the user more healthier. One can use this platform to make their life easier in appointing a right doctor.

Order Food

Everyone look for homebase food specially when they are staying away from their homes, but eventually end-up making a habit of eating from streets, restaurants, one can say every junk food possible. Order Food is the platform which is an online marketplace for homemade authentic ethnic food. This acts as a intermediate between Chefs and Food enthusiasts looking for already prepared authentic and high quality dining choices that are available for pick-up or delivered at the door steps.

Patient Data Syncing

This platform is used for syncing patient data between local hospital and centralized server. This makes it easy for other hospitals in order to make the data of the patient accessible in emergencies. This is the process to control the consistency and sameness of data instances across all consuming applications. It ensures that in any case of data modifications, all changes are merged with the original data source.It is also used in data mirroring, where each data set is exactly replicated.

Inventory Management

This platform is for managing inventory for sellers which makes the products being sold on different platform. This makes selling on multipe e-commerce channels simple, which makes Inventory Management focused on saving time by increasing the efficiency of the online business. This platform automates many processes that would otherwise take many hours to perform. All of the mundane tasks will be done by this platform so that the seller can focus on its business.

Book a Teacher

This platform is the demand of today's era for students, who would like to give total attention on their academics. Book a teacher is a platform used for booking a highly experienced faculty who have worked in various prestigious intitutes as each and every teacher who are provided have expertise in their subjects. This is also beneficial for home base tutions, one can choose the teacher of ones interest in a subject and can get started with them. It is a highly efficient way of saving the time and money.

College Community

This project is for college community for conducting and managing their internal events and for student interaction. This also provides options for the students to choose the college which best fits their needs. College events and student interaction is something which attracts the new admission of the students for colleges, if a college is able to interact with their students then this can improve their work flow and brings more students to get comfortable with the environment of the colleges.

News Analysis

This platform gives a report analysis on the news which are reported and this can be done by picking up keywords of that news which further makes an analysis of that and gives a report whch can be used for analysing anything linked to that report. This analysis helps in data collection, research, global trade, to find the scale of economy, to check the economic growth of the country and so on.

Online Class and Tests

Good education is something everyone wants, with this we want a 24 hour support that can help us in solving the doubts. This platform can help users in giving that solution to a problem by making online classes available all the time, which can make user access classes according to their time as classes will be pre-recorded. It also provide feedback for the test of the user within few seconds in order to let users know what and where they went wrong. By using this platform one can manage their time accordingly to get the best out of it.

Book a Class

Vacation for kids is that time in which we want them to learn something new, something they can carry it in their routine. Book a Class is the platform which can be used for the same purpose. This is for booking a class for kids in their vacation, providing various classes that can be helpful for them in different ways. It also provides an interactive classes so that kids can interact with the tutor itself in order to gain some attention which is likely to maintain the environment for learning.

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