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Our Process


A software engineering delivery engine like Technoarch Softwares, based on remote development, needs to attack these factors to ensure project success. Our methodology embodies UI delivery, frequent client feedback, Parallel quality management, clear responsibility, point of contact.

Our methodology is based on industry practices, gathered from the knowledge that we have collected from the expenience. We follow development project principles, programming principles and core software engineering languages. We combine skills we are having with the best services that we provide. A software engineering delivery engine like Technoarch Softwares, based on remote development, needs to attack these factors to ensure project success.

Technoarch Softwares - Methodology process
Technoarch Softwares - Initiation process


Nothing is possible unless we are not having any idea and blueprint with us that we can follow, Things started from the meeting held between the members for the hand over of project, we discuss each and everything that we will be following for the completion of project, it includes UI prototype, architecture/design documents, database design, sub-systems identification, team building, quality planning and Stage Delivery Planning. Proper day planing is made to complete the work on time with the better Outcome.

Once all these things are done then a mail is done to Cient disclosing the blueprint and team that will be handling the project and the team lead that will be leading the project. This team lead will also fill the Gap between client and the work process of project. Project Lead will regularly stay in touch with the client about the process going on. In this way we make everything open with the client.


As we are having Blueprint with us, our team start their work. We reach our goal step by step, each one will be working on specific part of project, every part of code is thoroughly executed and tested by the member. We do testing and execution side by side to make sure that the things will go correctly. We close a step only if everything is done with that part including execution, working, testing and other important aspects. Project Lead will decide the closing of that part if done successfully.

After the completion of each step Project Lead will conduct a meeting with the client to make him aware about the work that is completed and that is in progress. In that meet we discuss the service that will be provided by that part. Every step is closed in that same way untill the project is completed.

Technoarch Softwares - Execution process
Technoarch Softwares - Control process


In a software project development, project control plays a big role in success. Technoarch Softwares process achieves control at multiple levels: requirements, programming, schedule, quality and risk. We provide our team a comfort zone by asking them to follow their development styles and guidelines, Apart from this Quality Control is done by requiring compulsory QA sign-off at every Stage.

Schedule control is managed by Project Lead, by sending you regular status updates and creating frequent milestones as part of the plan. By following all these control aspects we are parallely following the Risk control by tracking through the project, and on crossing a threshold level, corrective action is taken.


Project closure is a critical point in the cycle, and defining end-point can be an exercise in itself. Project closure is done when QA gives the green check to the final release of the project. This closure is based on the client's requirements as listed, and also QA's internal criteria. We don't close a project until Client make that close. Last step closure is checked by the Client itself.

After delivering the final product we also maintain and test that product on regular basis, to avoid the threat and clashes to the product. This thing make Technoarch better from others.

Technoarch Softwares - Closure process

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