Angular is a framework for building modern web and mobile applications


AngularJS is the structural framework for the dynamic web applications. It lets you use HTML as your template language and makes you extend HTML's syntax to express your application components clearly. Its data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you currently have to write.

Angular is developed by Google and id having huge community support. It is an open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript.

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1. Data-binding

It is the automatic synchronization of data between model and view components.

2. Scope

They are objects that refer to a model. They act as a cement between controller and view.

3. Controller

These are JavaScript functions which are bound to a particular scope.

4. Services

AngularJS comes with the several built-in services such as $http to make XMLHttpRequests. They are singleton objects which are externalize only once in app.

5. Directives

Directives are the markers on DOM elements such as elements, attributes, css, and many more. These can be used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new, custom widgets. It is also having built-in directives such as ngBind, ngModel, etc.

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