Web Server

Web server is a system that delivers content

Web Server

A Web server is a computer system that hosts websites. It runs Web server software, such as Apache or Microsoft IIS, which provides access to hosted webpages over the Internet. Most Web servers are connected to the Internet via a high-speed connection, offering OC-3 or faster data transmission rates. A fast Internet connection allows Web servers to support multiple connections at one time without slowing down.

Web servers typically host multiple websites. Some only host a few, while others may host several hundred. Web servers that host websites for multiple users are called "shared hosts." This is the most common type of hosting solution and is used for personal sites, small business sites, and websites run by small organizations. Web servers that only host websites for a single person or company are called "dedicated hosts." These types of servers are appropriate for high-traffic websites and sites that require custom server modifications. Dedicated hosts are also more reliable than shared hosts, since there are fewer sites that can cause bottlenecks or other issues with the server.

Apache is an open-source and free web server software that powers around 46% of websites around the world. The official name is Apache HTTP Server, and it’s maintained and developed by the Apache Software Foundation. In addition to its popularity, it’s also one of the oldest web servers, with its first release all the way back in 1995. Some high-profile companies using Apache include Cisco, IBM, Salesforce, General Electric, Adobe, VMware, Xerox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Siemens, eBay, and many more.

Nginx is an open source web server and the main alternative and competitor to the Apache HTTP Server. NGINX has been gaining in popularity since its inception and is used across a wide spectrum of applications for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and much more. It is not capable of processing dynamic content natively. In order to handle a scripting language such as PHP, NGINX must pass the request to an external processor that handles the execution of the script and then it waits for the content to be sent back, rendered and ready to be served to the end user. This means admins need to configure communication via the protocols NGINX knows to use like http, FastCGI, SCGI, and uWSGI.

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Features of Apache

1. Easy to Modify

It can be modified to adjust the code and also to fix errors

2. Easy Installation

It can be installed easily.

3. Fast

The changes made are recorded immediately, even without restarting the server.

4. Support

It is an effortless task to get help for Apache web servers, as its technical support is readily available on several websites all over the world.

5. Virtual Host

With Apache web server, multiple websites can be run from the same server. In other words, it can create virtual hosts on the same server..

Features of Nginx

1. Use of Single or no thread

The pre-set number of worker processes are identified to operate the NginX. Each single thread is identified as a single process. But each single worker process is capable of handling multiple clients at once. So, it clearly shows that it make use of relatively very less multi-threads due to Non-Blocking EDA which handles multiple client request in a single process.

2. Handle more clients with less number of process

NginX require very less memory as far more clients can be supported with minimum or no thread. Hence very little memory is utilized as compared to Apache which needs one thread process or each client.

3. Fastest and the best for serving static files

While serving static files like pdf, zip, html, mp4, mpeg, avi-, jpg, gif, png, and others one can experience the awesome performance of Nginx. Those who want to boost the performance of the web server may add caching

4. Dynamic content transformed into static content

When dynamic proxied content with the module of HttpProxyModule is cached using Nginx, the content is cached with maximum efficiency and the application code will not be altered.

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