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Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator is a vector graphics editing program published by Adobe. It is useful for designing logos, clip art, blueprints, and other precise, resolution-independent illustrations. Illustrator was first released in 1987 for the Apple Macintosh; today it also runs on Microsoft Windows. The current version is Illustrator CC.

The native file format for projects created in Illustrator is the proprietary AI format, but it can also save files as EPS (encapsulated postscript). It can export graphics to PDF, JPEG, and other graphics formats, although some or all vector editing information may be unavailable if those files are imported back into Illustrator.

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1. Drawing Icons

Anyhow, Illustrator includes a powerful grid system which makes it very easy to bring specific image design. You may bring simple designs enjoys pieces, group, rectangles and match it for the grid. Arrange resources and the taking function ensure it is organize and very easy to attract your designs. Simply choose the form to complete it having a shade and select the color your need.

2. Drawing Maps

Pencil tool and the line software makes it very easy to draw designs and lines in Adobe Illustrator. The pencil tool enables you to attract any possible designs. It might be problematic for newcomers to understand how to make use of the pencil device but after you have grasp it works, you’ll discover how easy modify and it’s to attract any form.

3. Drawing Infographics

Publications and paper usually utilizes info-graphics to exhibit numbers and statistics. All of the images are completed in Adobe Illustrator because it includes some helpful resources to draw pie charts and charts instantly by easy entering the information numbers.

4. Drawing Realistic Items

Photo-realistic solution images is possible in Adobe Illustrator. Mesh device and the gradient tool would be the most typical resources to produce practical and smooth shadings. The ultimate result is just a practical thing drawing that’ll impress your client.

5. Drawing Cartoons

It has been made a well known design to produce cute characters by the smooth colors look. The pencil tool makes color very easy in Adobe Illustrator and drawing designs. Aside from the pencil device, the slope tool makes color and covering in illustrator very easy. It is simple to change the colors even when the customers refuse your color scheme.

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