Product realization

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Product realization

Product realization means a clear idea of what the product will be, usually expressed in drawings, statements of work, functional product specs, or their equivalents. Based on this clear idea, quality management can objectively determine if the product was "realized" and how efficient the process was.

The team works with clients to define their needs sharply. These are then written out by Technoarch Softwares's team as a Requirements document and signed off by you. Technoarch Softwares is responsible for Project planning and management. Project planning is generally achieved using TeamTouch/MS-Project. Test plans are also drawn up by us.

Without planning, it is impossible to guarantee the correct performance, ability of the staff is crucial in developing an effective and efficient plan in order to control and monitor the activities within the processes. As all the processes are interconnected with each other, it is important to pay attention to the general consistency of the management of the whole system.

Reasons for Product realization

  • Employees can work from anywhere

    Online storage data allows employees to work from anywhere there is an internet connection, which is a huge benefit to Matthew Vollmar, CEO of managed IT services provider Newmind Group. He said his staff is no longer limited by location. "It provides our team members the freedom to work from anywhere (home, coffee shops, client facilities) and still have access to any needed documents or information," said Vollmar.

  • No server maintenance

    Jeff Kear, owner and founder of online event management software provider Planning Pod, said one of the greatest benefits he gets from using online storage services is that he doesn't need to hire IT staff or retain consultants to maintain a server for all his digital data.

  • Data is easily moved

    As CEO of e-commerce consultant PDB Sales Inc., a business that has moved offices five times in the last seven years, Tao Wong said online storage makes the process go much smoother. "Concerns about data loss are minimized," he said. "With the online data storage solutions, setup for the [new] offices has been a matter of plug-and-play."

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Benefits you will get by working with us

Cost Technoarch Softwares - Cost Benefit

Our services are cost effective in comparison to having a team on site.

Responsiveness Technoarch Softwares - Responsiveness Benefit

We are responsive and our turn around time is very less and comes around to 5 minutes in overlapping time and 7-8 hours at max when there is time difference in working hours.

Responsibility Technoarch Softwares - Responsibility Benefit

We understand our responsibilities and commitment towards the work. Whatever is committed from our side, that will be delivered for sure, We can give this assurity as we have done in the past.

Development Experience Technoarch Softwares - Development Experience Benefit

We have team of developers working in different technologies in different industries like Cryptocurrencies, Healthcare, Cryptography, Social Networking, Bio-informatics etc. So all of the experience also can be used if needed. So if assigned developers are stuck anywhere they can discuss the problem with anybody in the team, so you are virtually hiring a full team of developers not just the developers who will be working on the project.

Developer Communication Technoarch Softwares - Developer Communication Benefit

Developers can be directly contacted by the client side team as we think if there is middleman then there is miscommunication and delays all the things.

Communication Technoarch Softwares - Communication Benefit

We are always open to communication and adopt very easily to the required communication mode along with preferred timings for communication. But if its not defined then we do prefer a weekly meeting where all stakeholders can discuss about the progress and bottlenecks and set the priorities for the week.

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