Third Party Api Integration

Sets of requirements and regulations through which partial access to a 1st parties system or program can be gained

Third Party Api Integration

A third-party API integration is when a business uses a third-party's API to power an integration with another business's app or web service. For instance, your business might use Google's API to power a Google Ads integration with your own website. This is a third-party API integration.

Google Maps API is a must for any navigation or geolocation mobile apps since it shows map and driving directions so your app users don't get lost.

Facebook API is social network API integration we use for our projects most often since it allows authorizing new app users via their existing Facebook profile; thus, users avoid filling in long registry forms.

Booking API will add such information to your mobile app as accommodation queries, facilities, prices, and other info from hotels around the world.

Skyscanner API might be helpful if you want to create a travel mobile app and provide users with flight search, ticket prices, and live quotes from ticketing agencies.

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1. Fewer Cost

Since your app can use functions of other applications, your development team needs less time to build an app with comprehensive features, which reduces the cost of development and time to market. .

2. More Values

By providing app users with advanced features, third-party API integration might become your app USP (unique selling proposition) and help your app to stand out from the crowd.

3. Convenient App

APIs make your app easily accessible via channels your app users interact with. By using APIs by Facebook for social login, Google Maps API for determining geolocation, or Paypal API for paying for an order, you make your app even more convenient to users, thus increasing their engagement.

4. Business ensigns

Make better data-driven decisions for your app functionality via analytics components such as usage patterns, device types, and geographical locations. Such insights are particularly useful for businesses that launched app MVP and are looking for ideas on app usability.

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