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ReactJS: Handle onChange api call when user stops typing

  • When we have Input Fields which have to fire api requests on change we always tend to fire multiple api requests.

  • We can cancel the api request on duplicate api calls by using cancelToken. Or we can use clearTimeout and setTimeout

Declaring Global Variables 

We need to declare a time out interval that will run our  setTimeout function.

const WAIT_INTERVAL = 1000;  

We can declare event code for ‘enter’ if the user wants to fire the api on keypress

const ENTER_KEY = 13;

Implementing on TextField 

import React, { Component } from 'react';

import TextField from 'components/base/TextField';

const WAIT_INTERVAL = 1000;

const ENTER_KEY = 13;

export default class TextSearch extends Component {

    constructor(props) {


        this.state = {

            value: props.value




    componentWillMount() {

        this.timer = null;



    handleChange(value) {


        this.setState({ value });

        this.timer = setTimeout(this.triggerChange, WAIT_INTERVAL);



    handleKeyDown(e) {

        if (e.keyCode === ENTER_KEY) {





    triggerChange() {

        const { value } = this.state;




    render() {

        const { className } = this.props;

        return (











So what this code does is when the user stops typing triggerChange is fired where you can place your api. 

Whenever the user presses a key handleKeyDown function is called and clearTimeout is called and setTimeout is again initialized with  WAIT_INTERVAL initial value.


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